Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bullfighting Web Quest

Bullfighting is an integral part of Hispanic culture, but it is often very misunderstood in the United States. Many people attack it as cruel, while others defend it as a tradition or art. This is your chance to search the web and draw your own conclusions as you investigate THE BULLFIGHT. The purpose of this activity is to introduce you to the art of bullfighting and to help you form your own opinion of its value and morality. Although bullfighting occurs in most Spanish-speaking nations, it does not occur in all of them. You are going to explore numerous websites to answer the following questions.
Directions: Using the Internet links below, find the answers to the questions.



1. When and from where did the idea for bullfighting come?
2. Who are its participants?
3. What does the costume look like and what is its significance?
4. What happens during a bullfight?
5. What rules do its participants follow?
6. What rewards are given to bullfighters?
7. What is it like to be a spectator?
8. When and where do bullfights take place?
9. Who are some famous bullfighters?
10. What is the bullring called in Spanish? (3 words)
11. Bull is ______________ in Spanish.
12. Cristina Sanchez was the first ________________________ bullfighter.13. When and why did she retire?

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